When the topic is all about diving and snorkeling fun, Coron is no doubt- the best!! I have been writing blogs about other similar places but here, I will just provide you with lots of pictures to make your imagination of Coron more colorful. I will also give you brief background info of each place that you will see in the pictures. This way, I know you
will all the more enjoy this blog....

Busuanga Airport

There are several flights going to Coron daily. Traveling time is 1 hr. and 5 mins. If you want to head for Coron by air, you have to take either Cebu Pacific or Zest Air Flights bound for Busuanga, Coron. Or, you may proceed to Puerto Princesa, Palawan and take a sea vessel to Coron Island. Travel time from Puerto Princesa to Coron Island is more than 6 hours. The choice is yours. But if I were you, I'd go straight to Coron by air. It's more convenient and less tiring. And from the airport to any hotel of your choice would take 30 minutes the most- by car. However, some resorts are situated in another island, and this would mean that those who chose to book in those establishments have another trip to take by boat to get to their respective hotels... Some island resort hotels are 30 minutes away from Coron Proper, some are an hour away, and the farthest of which can take an hour and a half by Hotel Service Boat Rides.

In these pictures are: Coron Gateway Hotel(located just a step away from Lualhati Park) Sunz En Resort(via tricycle ride- is 10 minutes away from Lualhati Park), Balinsasayaw Resort(30 minutes boat ride from Lualhati Park), Club Parasise Resort(an hour boat ride from Lualhati Park, and Seadive Resort(is right next to Lualhati Park)

Below is the list of nice hotels in Coron:

El Rio y Mar Resort, Club Paradise Resort, Coron Gateway Hotel Suites
Mangenguey Island Hotel Coron, Coron Hilltop View Resort, Hotel Piccolo Borgo
Busuanga Island Paradise Hotel Coron, Dive Link Resort, Busuanga Seadive Resort
Darayonan Lodge Coron, Coron Village Lodge, Mt. Tapyas Hotel, Discovery Island Cottages, Shirl Baywalk Pension House, Oriental Lodging House Coron, Princess of Coron Resort, Ralph Pension House Coron, Sunz En Coron Resort, Kokosnuss Garden Resort Coron and many more. All of which are nice and accommodating.

The focal point of all Sea Vessels is in Lualhati Park, Coron. The Lualhati Park/Pier is a reclaimed area and situated at the foot of Mt. Tapyas. Tourist who climb Mt. Tapyas will be rewarded of with a 360 degrees view of Coron and all those islands surrounding it. Unfortunately, I didn't join my group when they set forth to the topmost part of Mt. Tapyas.

Lualhati Park becomes the the busiest part of Coron from 6:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m. due to tourist who depart for their island hopping activities . Some are into snorkeling but most of those foreign tourist who visit this island are into diving expeditions and nothing less. Then by 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. this park would once again come back to life as tourists who departed for their tours earlier would start coming back from their exciting adventures that day.

Next are picture are pictures of Maquinit Hot Spring, which is located

just 10 minutes away from Coron Proper.

Also posted below are pictures taken at Siete Pecados,

Barracuda Lake,

Kayangan Lake,

Twin Lagoon,

and other wonders beneath Coron Seas


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